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Scarlet is a fun, fashion fetish event that will run about every two months in Birmingham. Our philosophy is to put on events which allow people to dress up according to their fantasies in a safe but fun environment enabling them to be totally free.
The dress code for Scarlet is strict, so much so that people in street clothes or "clubwear" are turned away. Rubber, leather, PVC, metal, uniforms, period costume, extreme cyber, TV, Drag and catwalk fashion are positively encouraged.
We aim to try to provide as visually and musically interesting night as possible that gives value for money.
We have a fully furnished play area, fashion shows - featuring the best fetish fashion designers from around the country - and some of the most amazing and stunning performance artists you are ever likely to witness.

Please feel free to add your self to this community!You are welcome to post any fetish related info of interest.

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